WASHINGTON – What do self-defense, Barack Obama’s Communist mentor, the threat of socialism and hope for America have in common?

They are all subjects people are obsessed with in this critical election year.

And they represent timely new products in the WND Superstore.

  • “The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor” is the latest from author Paul Kengor and published by Glenn Book’s imprint with Simon & Schuster. Who was Frank Marshall Davis? By Obama’s own admission, he was his “mentor.” Some believe he was more than that – possibly even his real father. But that’s another video documentary entirely. Here’s just one juicy quote from Davis: “I admire Russia for wiping out an economic system which permitted a handful of rich to exploit and beat gold from the millions of plain people. . . . As one who believes in freedom and democracy for all, I honor the Red nation.” Although other radical influences on Obama, from Jeremiah Wright to Bill Ayers, have been scrutinized, the public knows little about Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA, cited by the Associated Press as an “important influence” on Obama, one whom he “looked to” not merely for “advice on living” but as a “father” figure. While the Left has willingly dismissed Davis (with good reason), here are the indisputable, eye-opening facts: Frank Marshall Davis was a pro-Soviet, pro-Red China communist. His Communist Party USA card number, revealed in FBI files, was CP #47544. He was a prototype of the loyal Soviet patriot, so radical that the FBI placed him on the federal government’s Security Index. In the early 1950s, Davis opposed U.S. attempts to slow Stalin and Mao. He favored Red Army takeovers of Central and Eastern Europe, and communist control in Korea and Vietnam. Dutifully serving the cause, he edited and wrote for communist newspapers in both Chicago and Honolulu, courting contributors who were Soviet agents. In the 1970s, amid this dangerous political theater, Frank Marshall Davis came into Barack Obama’s life. Aided by access to explosive declassified FBI files, Soviet archives, and Davis’s original newspaper columns, Kengor explores how Obama sought out Davis and how Davis found in Obama an impressionable young man, one susceptible to Davis’s worldview that opposed American policy and traditional values while praising communist regimes. Kengor sees remnants of this worldview in Obama’s early life and even, ultimately, his presidency.

  • “Armed Response: Home/Personal Defense Shotgun”: This DVD training is part of a series that every self-governing and responsible American should see. The shotgun is one of the most potent self-defense weapons available if you understand its role in personal and home defense and how to make the best use of its advantages. “Home/Personal Defense Shotgun” explores how to choose the right shotgun and ammunition, its proper use and applications, shooting techniques and range drills to maximize your defensive capabilities.

  • “Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger”: Is socialism biblical? Is life better when Washington runs Wall Street and Main Street? This stunning new DVD video documentary from Coral Ridge Ministries offers answers at a time when socialism in on the march in America with business bailouts and government-run health care. Featuring fascinating first-hand accounts of life under socialism, footage from Cuba and Venezuela, and experts who once toed the socialist line, Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger gives you an illuminating look at the real-world results of Marx and his many followers – and why their failed idea violates God’s Word. Featured experts include Chuck Colson, Steve Forbes, Michele Bachmann, Joseph Farah, Marvin Olasky, David Noebel, Wendy Wright, Jay Richards, Kay Arthur, Joshua Muravchik and David Horowitz. This broad-ranging DVD shows that socialism flunks both the test of scripture and history, It demonstrates that socialism, in any form, is a failed and dangerous idea.

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