They changed the law through the “legal” process, fine; however, “gay” is a behavioral trait some people choose to identify themselves with, not a race/ethnicity. Therefore, it should not qualify for Pentagon attention worthy of celebration.

We do not need the gay agenda shoved down our throats, and we certainly should not be forced to pay for the displeasure. If I choose to fence as a hobby, and identify myself as a fencer, that doesn’t mean the government or military should celebrate fencing month (force people to pay for it). Or gamer month. Or baseball card collector month. Biker month. Pianist month. Whatever. All are actions/ hobbies/ behaviors people do and can define themselves with – but they should not get special treatment or status, no matter how cool some people may think they are because of their behavior.

To expand, if I play the piano and define myself as a pianist, and go around telling everyone I’m a pianist, and demand special treatment because I’m a pianist and march in parades because I’m a pianist – people will see me only as a pianist (probably to my disadvantage, because I’m more than what I choose to do). Then I can complain I’m being discriminated against when they tell me to shut up about it already. I don’t see how this is beneficial to anyone, much less our armed forces, to use taxpayer dollars to shove someone else’s life choices in our faces.

If you want to choose to do something, such as be a pianist, or practice a certain sexual behavior, that’s on you; I might or might not like your choice. I don’t hate you for it, though I may disapprove, but even if I love it, it’s irrelevant because it certainly shouldn’t involve forcing taxpayers to pay to garner special treatment for you because of your behavior – especially in a professional military environment or in an economy where money could and should be spent with more wisdom.


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