Despite the Supreme Court’s decision on the individual mandate to buy health insurance, the Affordable Care Act remains flawed because it will leave at least 26 million people uninsured and does nothing to reduce health-care costs. We need publicly funded universal health care – we need single-payer Medicare-for-all.

Instead of mandating everyone purchase insurance from a for-profit company, we should expand and improve what we already know works: Medicare, whose administrative costs are only 3 percent. With Medicare-for-all, we would save $400 billion annually.

Medicare is loved, cost-effective and should be improved and expanded to cover everyone under a single-payer health-care system.

Eighty percent of people currently uninsured are working people and their children. One of the reasons many of the working class cannot afford to purchase insurance is because their incomes have not kept up with medical cost inflation.

Over 84,000 people die in America every year because they lack access to affordable health care. That’s 230 people who die every day because we ration access to care based on ability to pay.

Anna Marie

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