I got a letter from the Republican National Committee the other day and thought you might find my response interesting. It is as follows;

Dear RNC,

I was amused to get your letter asking for donations to defeat the socialist currently occupying the office of the presidency. When I turned 18 in 1992, I registered Republican and cast my ballot for Bush 41 prior to leaving for USMC boot camp. I remained a Republican until 1998 when I left the party and voted as an independent conservative. I left the party in disgust after years of watching the Republicans talk the talk about small government and fiscal responsibility but failing to walk the walk.

Upon moving to Florida in 2010 I once again registered as a Republican, but only so I could support tea-party candidates in primary contests to unseat the Republican establishment and bring the party back in line with the values that brought me to the party in the first place.

I will not be donating any money to the RNC until the tea-party movement has successfully taken control of the RNC from within. If I donate anything it will be to a tea-party candidate in contests where I am geographically voting. I will, however, use my own stamp to mail this back thus saving you that expense. I would suggest that you could further save money by not wasting postage sending me letters asking for donations.

On a personal note, I do wish the RNC the best in defeating President Obama. I am victim of his economy. I was unemployed for eight months in 2009-2010 despite my USMC background, Bachelor’s degree and willingness to move anywhere in the Southeast for a job. I had to cash in $2,000 of my 401(k) just to be able to afford to move my family to Florida where I was offered employment at $8,000 a year less than what I was previously making. I am a married father of three (all mine and my wife’s biological children) who is just barely making it, but so very grateful to have a job.

I hope this gives you some sorely needed perspective into the mindset of “Joe Six Pack.” I also hope that the party elite understand that thousands of folks like me have had enough of your poop, and we’re working to take you out of power.

Mike Zimmershead

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