Not since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision has the U.S. Supreme Court so miserably and utterly failed in its duty to uphold the Constitution and protect the rights of individuals. Whereas Roe was the death knell for over 50 million pre-born people, the court’s decision to let stand Obamacare is the death knell for the American health-care system and, ultimately, life as we know it in this country.

Eventually private insurance companies will go bankrupt by being forced to accept those who, for instance, have just been diagnosed with cancer. That in turn will lead to a single-payer (government) program, further eroding our freedom to choose our health-care providers and services. Our economy will suffer (even more) as billions of dollars get sucked out of the private sector to feed the already bloated pig that is the federal government. And, let us not forget the fact that now the feds can “tax” us for not eating tofu or not joining a health spa or not buying an electric car or whatever the nannies in Washington conjure up.

The ultra-left in this country have found a way to further deprive us of our freedom, either by forcing us to purchase something against our will or by taking our money if we refuse.

There are two main groups of people who will opt to pay the penalty rather than buy insurance. Many conservatives, tea partiers, libertarians and the like who don’t have insurance already will not bend to this type of tyranny. So the money leftists can’t get through union dues they can now get through draconian penalties while at the same time depriving many who are opposed to their ideology of the resources to fight against them. Then there are the ones who will pay the fine because it is cheaper than insurance. And when they need expensive health care they will simply buy insurance at that time (remember, no refusing coverage for pre-existing conditions). As I mentioned earlier, this will at once drive private insurers out of business while at the same time fund an inefficient, impersonal, one-size-fits-all, big-government system.

So, what’s a nation to do? Fortunately, our system is not totally broken (even though it may be broke). We can now set our sights on the coming elections in November. We can hope and pray and fight to bring our nation back to some semblance of sanity. We can pick up the ball the Supreme Court has so supremely dropped. We can shake off the bonds of tyranny by ousting those in Congress and the White House who would subjugate us rather than support our freedoms. We can raise our voices in outrage and indignation until this evil is repealed. We can turn this temporary setback into permanent good by finally waking up to our responsibilities as citizens of a free country and furiously fight for and tenaciously hold onto our liberties. And in the months and years to come, after the dust of this epic battle has long settled and our rights have once again been restored, we can remember what we almost lost. And we can vow to never, ever let ourselves come this close to the brink of destruction again. We can. Yes, we can.

Mark Laperle

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