If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

– Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Although it was decidedly encouraging to see the testicular fortitude displayed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker running up to his recent recall election, the forces marshaled to defeat the parasitic public-sector unions (I speak of the aggregate, not the workers) and Walker retaining his office, I would not so soon declare the event a victory. Nor would I harbor too much confidence in its portends vis-à-vis the general election in November.

What follows is likely to be a disturbing and somewhat unwelcome analysis, but as they say, the truth will set you free.

It has been bemusedly noted by conservatives that the Democratic voter turnout in Madison, Wis., was in the area of 119 percent, likely owing to rampant voter fraud of the kind Florida Gov. Rick Scott is currently attempting to ameliorate in his state through a purge of voter rolls. Progressive news outlets put on the spin that the turnout in Madison only appeared inordinately large because Wisconsin allows same-day voter registration.

And I’m a runway model …

Personally, I don’t find it amusing for a few reasons. The first is that the orchestrated corruption of the left (unions, MoveOn.org types, etc.) would be sufficient to bring about a turnout as high as 119 percent, even with the illegal alien and the zombie vote (those voting under the name of deceased voters). The second is that these fraudulent devices are being vigorously defended by President Obama’s criminally culpable Attorney General Eric Holder. That this could present a problem in the general election should be a no-brainer.

The third and most significant reason is what the Wisconsin recall election turnout truly represents as a carefully refined strategy.

A carefully refined strategy, you say?

Too many conservatives continue to put down Obama’s policies and actions to incompetence and being “out of touch,” when the elephant in the room is that Obama has compromised the U.S. economy, national security and domestic tranquility as a function of the communistic wet dream he and his collaborators have of bringing America to its knees. Everything Obama has done relates to this, and if one doesn’t factor this into his analysis, he will invariably arrive at flawed conclusions.

One may recall October 2006, when it was reported that a Chinese submarine had stalked a U.S. carrier battle group in the Pacific. By the time it surfaced, the sub had sailed within torpedo range of the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk – a 1,000-foot super-carrier with 4,500 personnel aboard.

While there was mixed outrage and concern within the diplomatic community and the American public, few recognized this as one of the simplest and oldest tricks in the book – that book being Chinese strategist Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” which has been studied by military strategists for centuries. The Chinese military was gauging our defenses while testing their tactics.

As were the Democrats – or more accurately, key administration surrogates – in Wisconsin. These were gauging to see how well they could do in the face of strong Republican resistance, an electorate fed up with the greed of public-sector unions and election officials on the lookout for tomfoolery. Why, if they could do well given those challenges, how well might they do in the general election, with non-citizens and zombies voting on a far grander scale? The only things that might thwart this would be, say, the implementation of tough voter-ID practices or states purging ineligible voters from their rolls.

You’ll recall that I mentioned China and Sun Tzu. This wasn’t really necessary in the context of describing Democratic election strategy – but it was a perfect segue into the ever-enlarging web of subterfuge, deceit and mystery that radiates like a cloying miasma from this president. The strands of this web also possess the uncanny ability to hide in plain sight for protracted periods of time.

For example: Have you ever heard the name Mark Ndesandjo?

Mark Ndesandjo is the son of Barack Obama’s late father and his third wife, which makes him President Obama’s half-brother. His background is that of a music teacher; among other things, he also runs an Internet company – in the People’s Republic of China.

You mean you’ve never heard of Mark? How interesting. Why do you think that might be?

Mark lives in Shenzhen, and his company, Worldnexus, supposedly aids Chinese companies in exporting goods to the U.S. As such – and as the brother of a sitting U.S. president – Ndesandjo would certainly be known to the PLA (People’s Liberation Army – essentially the Chinese government). In fact, given that the Chinese government is a major stakeholder in every business in China – they being communists and all – the PLA would know him very well.

My understanding is that they know him even better than that.

Now, I’m not accusing Ndesandjo of untoward or anti-American designs – yet. Of course, with or without proof, countless individuals would no doubt view such charges as ludicrous as accusing his brother of being the Manchurian President, or saying he might not be a U.S. citizen, or of working toward a hard-line socialist state – right?

Is there more to this story?

Oh, yes. You bet there is.

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