(Editor’s note: The following is a two-part radio interview with syndicated columnist and author David Limbaugh)

Syndicated columnist David Limbaugh is back with a new book that picks up where his last critique of the Obama administration stopped. In “The Great Destroyer,” Limbaugh documents what he sees as Obama’s “war” on everything from America itself to our culture, our economy, oil and more.

Limbaugh cites multiple examples of how the president is diminishing America’s stature by apologizing to the world and retreating from the idea of “American Exceptionalism.”

David Limbaugh’s brand new book chillingly documents the destructive “transformation” of the United States — get “The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic”

Limbaugh also details how Obama is circumventing not just the Congress but the Constitution in how he is advancing his agenda through executive orders.

Limbaugh explains the extent of Obama’s spending and the rapid expansion of our debt. He also takes on Obama’s assertion that his level of spending is rising at the slowest rate since the Eisenhower years.

“He’s spending at over a trillion dollars a year … all four years,” Limbaugh told WND. “He’s taking us over the cliff and he’s preventing Republicans from putting on the brakes.”

Limbaugh also confronts the president over energy policy, calling Mr. Obama liar when the president claims that he is aggressively expanding energy exploration and that the U.S. sits on just two percent of the world’s energy reserves.

Finally, Limbaugh tells us what he thinks a second Obama term would bring and why he thinks Mitt Romney will win convincingly come November.

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