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The RINOs are coming!

I had a dream the other night. It was Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2013, and Mitt Romney, standing on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, solemnly swore, just like Barack Obama did back in January 2009, to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

As is always the case on Inauguration Day, the crowd was cold but ecstatic. After all, the newest savior of the Republican Party was about to take power. The TV cameras scanned the thousands of smiling faces, people who truly believed America had been saved from impending doom and that financial sanity would be restored to government.

Then, just as Romney, android smile firmly in place, uttered the last words of his oath, I came galloping down Constitution Avenue on a white steed, shouting, “The RINOs are coming! The RINOs are coming!”

The reason I was so frantic was that it was clear to me that those thousands of political addicts at the swearing-in ceremony actually believed positive change was coming to Washington. History be damned, they seemed not to understand that all that was happening was that the big-government socialists were leaving through the back door while the big-government RINOs were entering through the front door.

True, the socialists are despicable, but, to their credit, they are incredibly persistent. RINOs, on the other hand, generally have good intentions, but tend to shriek at the sight of a mouse.

As a result, whenever they manage to get into office, they merely act as placeholders for the Democrats’ big-government policies. To put it gently, neither character nor courage are among their strong suits.

Having said this, there’s a good chance Romney will win the presidency in November in a landslide, simply because the Duplicitous Despot, who won by only 6 percentage points in 2008 over the weakest Republican nominee in decades, has lost ground with virtually every group of voters.

So, let us assume, for our purposes here, that Romney is officially sworn in as president in January 2013. On the surface, this makes most Republicans feel secure, because he appears to be a good family man, devout Mormon and successful business executive.

Unfortunately, however, none of these traits does anything to alter the fact that Romney is also the consummate big-government RINO. He stands for nothing and believes in nothing, other than the best strategy for getting elected – and re-elected.

Like Mush McCain before him, he is a living testament to the reality that the Republicans’ No. 1 goal in every presidential election is to nominate a candidate who will not say or do anything that might jeopardize his chances, or the chances of other members of his party, from being elected – or re-elected.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve seen the future, and it’s the same as the past. Other than a number of token gestures to appease conservatives, nothing will change under a Romney presidency.

But it’s important to understand that Romney is nothing more than a symptom of the problem. The real problem is the political process that is entrenched in the nation’s capital.

It’s a process that breeds career RINOs in the Republican Party and wild-eyed socialists – and worse – in the Democratic Party. They may come at issues from different angles, but the one thing they have in common is that they are corrupt beyond repair.

All of them are products of a system that no longer acknowledges the existence of the Constitution. As a result, almost all laws now on the books are technically unconstitutional, which means that all members of Congress who voted for them are arguably guilty of treason.

As Sen. Tom Coburn explains in his book, “The Debt Bomb,” the driving force behind this caldron of corruption is a phenomenon known in political circles as “careerism.” Nothing but the next election matters to the vast majority of politicians, and doing what is best for America is almost always at odds with this single, self-serving objective.

The careerism system cannot be “reformed.” A new system must be rebuilt from the ground up so America itself can be rebuilt from the ground up. You can never convince the far left to be rational. Nor can you convince unprincipled RINOs to man up.

If the RINOs take power in 2013 and once again disappoint America’s sleepwalking populace, I see only two paths leading to the 2016 elections. One is a path led by angry, disillusioned Americans who will, out of desperation, vote the far-left, bread-and-circus crowd back into power. That, in turn, would end all hopes of rebuilding America from the ashes of the Greatest Depression.

The other path would be for those who want government to get off their backs – tea-party activists, true conservatives and libertarians – to start a new party that would call for strengthening the Constitution to include such additions as term limits, requiring that all proposed legislation first pass the constitutionality test, outlawing earmarks and implementing harsh criminal penalties for any politician found guilty of violating the Constitution.

Unfortunately, most conservatives are focused on only one thing: defeating Barack Obama in November. Forget rebuilding what was once the mightiest nation on earth. Just evict the devil from the White House and all will be well.

Believe me, I don’t want to see Barack Obama taking the oath of office again in January. But I also don’t want to be riding through the streets of Washington on a white steed and shouting, “The RINOs are coming!” Because come they will if Romney is elected. Droves of them will be taking their seats in Washington’s never-ending game of musical chairs.

The good news is that a Romney presidency might give us enough time to lay the foundation for a new party to replace the RINO-infested Republican Party, a party that might just become extinct prior to the 2016 elections. That said, it would be wise for liberty lovers to start thinking about how to undertake this enormous task sooner rather than later.