In regard to the piece “Obama amnesty adds illegals to voter rolls” – the alien in chief just loves alien nation. In the calculus of election fraud, Obama, a lawless illegitimate president, knows that teeming masses gushing through a porous border and given de facto amnesty potentially translate into millions of illegal voters – deciding elections in swing states and neutering the ballots of bona fide U.S. voters.

Should states attempt to purge voter rolls of ineligibles or tighten ID standards, Obama and AG Holder will come down on them like a ton of bricks. It’s political thuggery on a continental scale, something we’ve come to expect of the mob occupying Washington, D.C., increasingly a sanctuary city for Stalinistas.

A hundred years ago, the die was cast. The federal government followed a cabal of bankers and internationalist “progressives” down a rabbit hole. State sovereignty, individual liberty and hard money were marked for future demolition. In the matured wonderland of racketeering on the banks of the Potomac, money is printed from thin air to buy votes, secure totalitarian powers and gild the political gangster class and their confederates.

Through the looking glass, see the great impostor presiding over a rogue government that puts a torch to the Constitution and kicks sand hard into the faces of 300 million bona fide American citizens.

R. Martin

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