(KOMO-TV) — In a city as progressive as Seattle, Jodi Jaecks never thought her desire to go swimming would make such a splash.

“That’s not my style – to make big waves – but this is much bigger,” Jaecks said, sitting on the porch of her Seward Park home.

It might be one thing if it was a style choice for Jaecks to want to swim topless in public. It’s a whole different thing when you realize it’s because of what happened last year.

“I found it on a self breast exam. It was just a lump in my right breast,” she said. “When I felt the lump I knew that it was. I felt like it was cancer, so I think inside I was already braced for it.”

That was 15 months ago. Rounds of chemo followed, along with a double mastectomy. Jaecks said she made the choice to have both breasts removed over the fear the cancer could come back. Reconstructive surgery was something she just wasn’t interested in.

“It was an empowering decision for me,” Jaecks said. “I didn’t choose to have cancer but I could choose what I wanted to do about it.”

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