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Va. GOP primary: 'My Two Cents can save economy'

Tea-party leader and Virginia Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Jamie Radtke says she is poised to mount a very strong showing in Tuesday’s primary. Radtke says her polling has her above 20 percent while E.W. Jackson and Delegate Bob Marshall are mired in single digits.

Ex-Sen. George Allen still leads but Radtke says she is in the same position Deb Fischer was just days before her shocking win in the Nebraska U.S. Senate primary. Radtke continues to make the debt and spending reductions the hallmark of her candidacy, and she explains her proposal to balance the budget in just four years.

She is also the only GOP challenger to Allen who seems ready to go after her party’s frontrunner. Radtke says nominating Allen would bring more of the same to Washington and give Democrat Tim Kaine opportunities to run to the right of the Republican nominee.

“When people find out they have an alternative, they’re really psyched,” Radtke told WND. “To know they don’t have to keep voting for the same career politicians.”

The founder of the Virginia tea party also discusses what it’s like to raise money when a presumptive nominee is in the race and why she’s confident she’s raised enough to get her message to voters by Tuesday.