For months, former Sen. George Allen has been the prohibitive favorite to win the Republican nomination in his quest to win back the U.S. Senate seat he lost to Jim Webb six years ago. There have been no new public polls showing a major shift in the race but GOP hopeful E.W. Jackson says voters in the commonwealth can expect a shocking result next Tuesday.

Jackson says internal polling gives him confidence that he will not only challenge Allen but score the biggest upset to date in the 2012 cycle.

“I speak from the heart and I think it’s reaching people’s hearts,” Jackson told WND. “I think it’s a matter of connecting with people in a way they find authentic.”

Recent debates seem to have given Jackson a boost as online polls suggest he won the encounters with Allen, Delegate Bob Marshall and tea party favorite Jamie Radtke. His profile also rose after presumptive Democratic nominee Tim Kaine slammed Jackson for declaring war on Kaine and President Obama at the most recent debate.

Jackson tells us what he meant by those comments and why he’s spent far more time going after Kaine’s record than Allen’s. He also gets down to the meat of the campaign, as Jackson tells us what separates him from his current GOP rivals and why he is uniquely qualified to bring voters into the Republican Party that his GOP rivals cannot.

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