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Video: 'Birther' gets visit from Secret Service

A Texas man and skeptic of Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president has posted a video on YouTube revealing two investigators, reportedly from the Secret Service, questioning him at his home.

Rudy Davis, known also as “LoneStar1776” on YouTube.com, posted video of the inquiry the day after he had uploaded another video in which he suggested Obama, after being convicted of treason for usurping the highest office the land, be executed for his crime.

When two men in dark suits showed up at his door the next day, Davis told them, “I think I know why you guys are here.”

Video of the exchange shows Davis explaining his belief that Obama is ineligible to be president and clarifying that he only wished the judicial system to execute Obama “once he has been convicted in a court of law.”

“OK,” the first investigator replied, “but you don’t mean to assassinate him?”

“No, sir,” Davis replied. “I don’t want to hurt anybody. I just want truth and justice in America.”

Show members of Congress how many others demand “truth and justice” in America in the name of constitutional integrity.

The investigators then began a series of “pertinent” questions they explained were required because, “We do have a job to do,” including the following:

Multiple times the investigator also asked, “Do you understand that threatening to harm someone is a crime as well?”

“I understand that,” Davis said, “but I have not threatened to harm [anyone].”

In Davis’ previous video, which presumably prompted the investigation, Davis had cited the example of England’s Oliver Cromwell beheading King Charles I as an example of what should be done to Obama.

“Once [Obama] is convicted in a court of law,” Davis said, “we don’t need to send him off to prison, we don’t need to send him out of the country, we need to behead him publicly.”

Why publicly?

“To show everybody that’s what happens to you when you come in to America and you lie and you forge and you fraud and you take over commander in chief when you know you’re not eligible,” Davis explained. “America doesn’t put up with that.

The first video, in which Davis advocated beheading, can be seen below:

At one point, one of the investigators said, “We’d prefer if you didn’t film us,” but Davis asserted it was his property and his right to do so.

Still, in yet a third, follow-up video, Davis discounted the idea that the agents were attempting to be “intimidating.”

“They were very nice and cordial, and they were doing their job,” Davis said.

Davis also concluded, “Promoting the truth is a patriotic thing, even if it brings the Secret Service to your door.”

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