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Video: WND confronts 'Obama' face to face

NEW YORK – Have you ever wished you could corner Barack Obama and ask him the tough questions the mainstream media refuses to ask – from “Fast & Furious” to his hidden records to his real agenda for America?

At BookExpo America in New York City last week, Joseph Farah, editor and CEO of WND, got the opportunity of a lifetime: a one-on-one interview with “Barack Obama.”

OK, it wasn’t really the current occupant of the Oval Office, but Obama impersonator Kevin Michael, also known as “FauxBama.”

Yet the answers Farah received sounded remarkably like words right from the sitting president’s lips.

“How about school records and records from college?” Farah asked “Obama.” “Other American presidents in the past have released information that sometimes is even embarrassing, going back to JFK releasing his records from Harvard, showing he was a C-student. Mr. President, you haven’t released any of those documents. Why not?”

“Well, I’ve been very open and honest,” answered “Obama,” in a remarkable impersonation of political non-speak. “We need to move forward. We need to stop dwelling on the past and all these old records you want to bring up. We need to finish what we started and we need to move this country forward.”

And what about that controversial birth certificate?

“Well, look, I think, uh, I think we’ve revealed, we’ve discussed the matter of my birth many times before,” “Obama” responded. “We released the copy of the birth certificate, which we didn’t even have to do. We did that, as I like to do, to reach out to the American people, to provide the truth and sort of the openness that is representative of my administration.”

Farah was at BookExpo 2012 to help promote the upcoming new release from WND Books and authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, “Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed.”

“Fool Me Twice,” scheduled for release in August, is based on exhaustive research into Obama’s plans and policies, as well as the specific second term recommendations of the major “progressive” groups behind Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership – the organizations that help to craft the legislation and set the political and rhetorical agenda for the president and his allies.

The authors claim the book is filled with stunning revelations, including second-term plans for a “New Deal”-style overhaul of the economy, including a National Infrastructure Development Bank to oversee government control of the financial system, a massive, government-run jobs program to coincide with “paycheck fairness,” full amnesty for illegal aliens, de-funding of the U.S. military, a new, multi-billion dollar “green” stimulus, implementing Obamacare in measures nearly impossible to reverse and more.

When asked about the book, “Obama” said it’s “going to be great read.”

“By the way,” Farah asked, “do you think you will fool them twice?”

“I think I will,” “Obama” replied. “I think I’ll fool them three times!”

View the entire interview below: