This heaven/hell/crime study is ridiculous.

It’s just another attempt to belittle and deprecate people of faith. A more valid study would be one comparing the crime rates among those who identify themselves as Democrats and socialists (Is there a difference?) versus those who identify themselves as Republicans and libertarians. What about comparing the criminal tendencies of those who will vote for Obama in November versus those who will not? Obama is a pathological liar and devious crook, quite obviously. Those characteristics will appeal to numerous birds of similar bent.

There was a study done in the 1970s that concluded that countries with the lowest rates of serious crime were those where strong family ties and a tradition of family togetherness are the norm – no other factor, among the many socio-economic, ethnic, legal and geographical factors considered, correlated with as high a degree of statistical significance. Not coincidentally, the U.S. has been going downhill since Lyndon Baines Johnson forced anti-family “Great Society” policies down the gullet of America.

M. Nussbaum

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