Why is Bill Clinton saying the things he is saying?

Why does Bill continually compare this economy to when he was president, to the detriment of Obama?

The Democrats had complete control of the House and the Senate for the last two years of Bush and the first two years of Obama. The Republicans passed dozens of bills and two budgets since taking control of the House in 2011 that the Democrat-controlled Senate refuses even to consider. Congress sets the budgets, makes the laws and spends the money.

The downturns to employment in the last 20 years happened when the Democrats controlled the Senate (1993-1994, 2001-2002, 2007-present). The increases to employment happened when Republicans controlled the Senate (1995-2000, 2003-2006). Increases to the deficit happened when Democrats controlled the Senate. Surpluses happened when Republicans controlled the Senate. There is less than a 3 percent probability that these things happened by random chance.

While Democrats like to say that 700,000 jobs were lost in the last month of Bush’s term, the truth is that Democrats were in control of Congress for that last month and for the 23 months before that. And Obama was part of that Congress. They made the laws, they passed the budgets, and they spent the money. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer blocked any attempts requested by Bush to investigate/regulate Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Obama knew exactly what happened (he was part of it) and he knew exactly what he inherited before he made his promise not to allow the unemployment rate to exceed 8 percent.

Money Magazine of June 2012 just posted the statistics about jobs for the last three and a half years, on page 104. Those statistics show that the United States lost 5.2 million jobs under Obama with a gain of 635,000 for a net loss of 4.2 million. That does not include the increase to the workforce of 7.4 million, for a total of 12 million additional people out of work under Obama. That should have increased the unemployment rate by 9 points – to 16 percent.

The total number of Americans out of work under the Democrat Congress since 2006 is close to 16 million.

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The only reason the unemployment rate is 8.2 percent is because the Labor Department has arbitrarily taken people off the rolls of those who are available to work. The Labor Department reports to the White House. If the same number of available workers was used to calculate the unemployment rate as were available at the start of 2009, then even that unemployment rate would be 11 percent, without adding more people because of the increase to the working population since 2008.

In addition, Money Magazine points out that 6.3 percent of the workforce is underemployed, or an additional 8 million, for a total of 24 million people unemployed or underemployed.

Obama has increased the debt, increased the deficit, operated without a budget, had his budget rejected by both the House and the Senate without getting even one Democrat to vote for it, and pushed Obamacare without any compromises with Republicans to obtain Republican votes.

As pointed out by Conservative Action Alerts on June 12, 2012:

  • Ten former presidential advisers are warning that the coming crisis could “DWARF 2008.”
  • JP Morgan just warned America is about to plunge off the “fiscal cliff” and is going “head-first into the fiscal meat grinder.”
  • Sen. Mark Warner says, “We’re approaching financial Armageddon.”
  • Sen. Joe Manchin calls it “a fiscal Titanic.”
  • Sen. Mike Crapo says it is “a threat to not just our way of life, but to our national survival.”
  • And Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke just warned: “There’s … absolutely no chance that the Federal Reserve could or would have any ability whatsoever to offset that effect on the economy.”

It is obvious to me that Obama cannot win a re-election on his record. George Soros, Ted Turner, Jeff Immelt, SEIU, NEA and many other powerful Democrats must be worried about Democrats losing the Senate on the coattails of Obama. So it is my prediction that Obama will not be the Democratic candidate for president in 2012. The candidate will be Hillary Clinton.

As I stated about a year and a half ago, a deal was made. This is a tag team. Obama’s mission right now is to beat up on Romney to diminish Romney’s likability factor. Then in August, Obama will opt out of the contest. The Democrats will then draft Hillary at the convention where she will announce a plan to fix things, which will give her a huge bounce.

What’s in it for Obama? A nomination to be secretary general of the United Nations using his apparent Kenya or Indonesian dual citizenship. This would be obvious if only we could see Obama’s college applications and his passports.

If you are paying attention, you could see this coming. The media have been selling Hillary for the last three years. Hillary made many of the announcements a president would normally make, about Egypt, Syria and Libya. Look at the coverage of her by Newsweek, Time, the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, NBC and the rest of the liberal media. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Hillary were presented as the real decision makers concerning Osama bin Laden. And the media deliberately ignored all those emails from WikiLeaks concerning Hillary and the State Department … and are deliberately ignoring her past uses of FBI files and her condemnation of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

So, why is Bill Clinton saying what he is saying? Because he is selling Hillary for 2012. Listen to his words closely. Bill is working to get the Clintons back into the White House … now! This is all another con job on the American public that was set in place long before now.

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