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Why liberals are winning, Part 2

Well, this week America took a massive lurch to the left with the grim news that the Supreme Court held up Obamacare as (cough) “constitutional.” With the passage of socialized medicine, does anyone still doubt that the United States is heading toward socialism?

In last week’s column, I explained that, despite polls showing the majority of Americans describe themselves as conservatives, this nation has been steadily progressing toward the left. In a nutshell, the process can be described as two steps forward, one step back, the net result being a step forward.

In this week’s column, I’d like to examine why and how this steady progression has taken place.

Dr. Jean M. Twenge in “Generation Me” writes, “Social change doesn’t happen overnight; it takes decades for momentum to build and for the once-radical edge to become mainstream.”

Progressives have a couple of marks in their favor when it comes to the slow, relentless progression toward socialism. First, they have time. After all, it’s a progression, don’t you know. Without the need to work hard every day and compete with others in the free market, Progressives have the time to march in the street, attend rallies, rattle cages, endorse more entitlements and otherwise make themselves heard.

Secondly, and despite what you may think, progressives are patient. They learned long ago that the only way to effect change is to slowly raise the temperature in the pot so the frog never jumps.

About now, progressives are leaping for their keyboards to tell me why I’m wearing a tinfoil hat and catering to conspiracy theories. Of course the marginalization of criticism is yet another tactic used by progressives to silence dissidence. The opposition must always be portrayed as paranoid nut cases. Progressives are experts at mocking those who don’t agree with them as being knuckle-dragging troglodytes inexplicably opposed to any “forward” momentum for the human race … that momentum being, of course, solely represented by the collectivist liberal agenda.

“To put it bluntly,” notes Tim Daughtry in his excellent column How the liberal minority rules America, “the liberal minority dominates American politics because liberals have a strategy for eroding liberty, but conservatives do not have a strategy for promoting it. … Decades ago, leftist intellectuals recognized that gradual occupation of our educational, news and other cultural institutions would give the liberal minority the power to decide the political agenda. They knew that the mainstream would be too busy minding our own business to provide much resistance and that the inevitable compromise would always work in their favor. Their strategy of constant pressure applied over time has worked.” [Emphasis added.]

The basis for much of this strategy is fomenting discontent among those whose dignity and livelihood has been reduced by government dependency. Saul Alinsky’s tactic is simple: “Get the masses irate enough to demand, ‘Give me what I deserve,’ even if they don’t deserve it; even if they haven’t earned it.” (Obamacare, anyone.)

To supplement their strategy of time and patience, the progressives have two additional and powerful tools: feminism and political correctness.

Feminism – with its goals to destroy the traditional home, raise all children in day care and public schools, and emasculate men to the point where they are relegated to the position of mere sperm donors – has succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.

Since strong traditional family units are largely impervious to the kind of “change” progressives like to see, feminism wants those units dismantled. This is done by prying children away from their parents, driving women out of the home and into the workforce, and denying men their biological drive to protect and provide. Better yet, eliminate men altogether and encourage single motherhood and welfare. This makes women dependent on government handouts instead of a husband’s income.

Once this is accomplished, you have generations of people literally incapable of understanding WHY traditional values have any merit. This lack of understanding then poisons the next generation.

“Rather than focusing on time-tested values such as duty, honor, sacrifice, and responsibility,” notes Suzanne Venker in The Flipside of Feminism, “boomers taught their children liberal values, such as tolerance, victimhood, and self-gratification.” Add to this the feminist mantra, and the result is chaos. “After all,” writes Venker, “no society can thrive – or survive – when half its members believe they’re oppressed and the other half are told there’s no reason for them to exist.”

Then there is the last tool, political correctness. It may seem like a trivial thing to begin referring to actions and behaviors by a kinder and gentler euphemism to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, but make no mistake: It’s a critical part of the progressive agenda.

David Kupelian notes that political correctness is “an insidious frontal attack on common sense and conscience through language manipulation.” Merely by rephrasing something, bad can become good and good can become bad at the click of a mouse. Pedophilia becomes intergenerational sex. Killing unborn babies becomes choice. Government-sanctioned stealing becomes wealth distribution to achieve equality. And tolerance becomes the euphemism for anyone willing to abandon morals and standards and embrace anything immoral, corrupt, or self-destructive. Believe me, rephrasing things can have powerful effects.

As a whole, conservatives (being a more blunt and less Machiavellian species) usually don’t give a rat’s behind about PC language, and are therefore easily branded as insensitive, intolerant, and the ever-popular racist.

Progressives know that no one likes to be scorned or mocked. Consciously or unconsciously, most people avoid situations where they will be intimidated, isolated, or impugned. By accusations and insinuations, progressives can intimidate individuals into silence and thus, by default, gain more ground toward the socialism agenda. And since the mainstream media are firmly in their court, progressives can count on the fact that the media will only report their progress in favorable terms (while painting conservatives as buck-toothed knuckle-draggers).

The progressive agenda has been beautifully packaged in ways that include language, behavior, attitude, entitlements and morals. With political correctness, words have become weapons and a vehicle for intimidation and bullying. By means of lawsuits and public education, bonds are being dissolved between children and parents and between husband and wife. Links are broken between behavior and repercussions, and between scriptural standards and self-control.

Now, to the delight of the progressives, they have one of their own as president. This has happened before, of course. With few exceptions, all of the presidents in the last 60 years have been progressive. But for the first time in a generation, the progressives have a president who openly embraces the title in words and actions. Remember: The current administration’s aim is not to improve the economy. The aim is to expand government through greater entitlements and regulations.

The unfortunate truth about the socialization of America is that conservatives aren’t conservative enough. The entitlement virus has worked its way so deep into the American psyche that even conservatives have their laundry list of personal entitlements they don’t want to give up.

In fact, many “conservatives” want strong government, contrary to the Constitution. Rather than paring back government to the minimalist streamlined entity envisioned by our Founding Fathers, today’s “conservatives” want their version of strong government, which includes items of concern to them.

These people aren’t conservatives. These are just another variety of big-government progressives. Until true conservatives recognize that fighting the good fight means more than just surrendering ground reluctantly, they will lose. In 50 years, America will be Amerika. It’s inevitable.

Congratulations, progressives. You’re to be commended for your dedication, as well as for the elegance and sophistication of your grand strategy to destroy the most incredible nation the world has ever seen.