Re: “Facebook sickos praise Colorado killer

Wake up! These idiots who are sending in these comments are not supporters of the shooter. They are anti-gun radicals posing as supporters using this language to fuel an already inflamed group of politicians that are thankful for this opportunity to attack our Second Amendment rights.

The left is working overtime on an agenda to rid society of honest people who practice their right to bear arms and protect themselves and others. I refuse to become a victim of criminals that carry freely and our laws seem to support.

Who had a chance to stop this guy in the theater? The answer is nobody and the reason is the theater owners. They turned 70 fun-loving folks into victims.

When will these anti-gun, anti-constitutional idiots get it? The bad guys will always have guns no matter what laws are passed. So the bottom line is this: Do you want to have a choice to save your life or others, or do you want to keep wearing your rose-colored glasses and say it will never happen to you?

S. Thompson

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