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Awake yet?

The more one learns about the establishment of the United States of America, unfettered by the political spin of radicals and academics, the more clear it becomes how antithetical big-government policies are to America’s founding principles. This goes double, I would say, for far-left policies. It is obviously why proponents of big government have discouraged the study of civics, government and capitalism in recent decades; it also evidences the perniciousness of our elected officials, whether old money elites, rags-to-riches socialists, Republican, Democrat or otherwise.

There is a reason I make a distinction between big-government policies and those of the far left. Indeed, not all big-government politicians are leftists. Unfortunately, the nuances relative to middle-class Americans will prove to be moot in the long term. It has become evident that the only questions our leaders are considering are how fast America will arrive at a dictatorship, and how oppressive it will be.

Tuesday conservative media icon Rush Limbaugh called Republican leaders “clueless” vis-à-vis their addressing the Supreme Court’s recent upholding of Obamacare, and how to arrest the administration’s attacks on the Constitution. This no doubt stemmed from Limbaugh’s frustration over GOP leaders’ milquetoast comportment regarding the latter, and equivocation regarding the former.

I have to disagree with Rush here; I believe that GOP leaders are simply willing to suffer the ignominy of being viewed as clueless, when the truth is that they are complicit. The few exceptions are the handful of Republican governors who have determined to resist the implementation of Obamacare in their states, and a sprinkling of stalwart GOP lawmakers.

This is not to say that Republican leaders are closeted Marxists like our president, but that they are big-government autocrats who, along with their contemporaries in other developed nations, envision a future model of nations and government born of their arrogance and conceit.

Big-government policies and Marxist operatives did not insinuate themselves into the corridors of power in America under the noses of Republican leaders who were too preoccupied to notice. In the main, those in our government for the last 50 years have been people who accepted an evolution of the world into a community of nation-states managed by a self-appointed elect. They have determined that America will be merely one among many developed nations within their oligarchical collective. Those who understand history and economics know that in such a scenario, the average American’s quality of life will be dramatically diminished.

In fact, we can already see it happening.

We can see it even more clearly with the upholding of Obamacare by the Supreme Court last week in a decision that was far more political than legal. To me, this is still chiefly an issue of a “health-care crisis” that was orchestrated over decades through the over-regulation of medical care, lawsuit abuse and cronyism within regulatory agencies. The intention was to make health-care costs so prohibitive that citizens would clamor for a government fix. This is precisely why market solutions were never considered.

In any case, this makes the individual mandate something of a red herring; having to pay a tax or penalty for inaction is nothing compared to the innumerable assaults on individual liberty that have yet to come to light within Obamacare.

While this law was crafted by leftists, the reaction among many who should oppose it politically has been far too measured. Whether or not Mitt Romney wins the presidency, the real work will be in supplanting the government of the career politician with that of the citizen statesman – as the founders of our nation intended.

We must commit to this, or we might as well give it up right now.

In the coming weeks and months, those who regularly enjoy the musings in this space may have to learn to read between the lines. We are scant steps away from the time when rational men and women will begin to advocate everything from nonviolent civil disobedience to armed insurgency, and rightly so. The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare, given the myriad amoral and unconstitutional dictates within its nearly 3,000 pages, has not only provided insight into how little our liberty means to those in our government, but how far they are likely to go to actualize their twisted vision.

Without a doubt, tyranny is the final destination.

What will happen when the first few Americans are imprisoned for refusing to comply with aspects of Obamacare? How will we react when heretofore law-abiding citizens wind up in gun battles with Treasury agents on their front lawns? Will we determine that these were “extremists,” as the press will undoubtedly spin it? Will our trepidation for confronting authority and desire for relative comfort overcome our ability to discern tyranny and our aversion to be enslaved by craven, insignificant parasites?

I can only answer for myself, but Rush was correct when he said, “If this keeps going this way, we’re going to lose it all, folks.” It isn’t the GOP leadership who will determine whether or not this occurs, however. It will be those among us who understand that we’ve been betrayed by our own indolence and generations of politicians. Both of these can be corrected, but there’s definitely not much time left.