House Republicans are moving forward with their second attempt to repeal all of the Obama health plan. The House passed the repeal in January of last year but the effort died in the Democratic-led Senate. Since then, the House has voted to repeal specific parts of the law, but only one small component has been removed.

Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga., is a longtime physician. He says Republicans will not get the repeal through the Senate this time either but the GOP has a “an obligation to the American people” to fight against this plan at every opportunity.

“This bill is not unconstitutional, but it darn sure is un-American,” Gingrey told WND.

Gingrey rejects Democrat complaints that the debate takes away from legislation that could spur job creation. He says repeal is the best thing Congress can do for job creation since business owners are currently paralyzed by the regulations and restrictions aimed at them in the Obama plan.

“We are literally stuck with Obamacare” if the president is re-elected, says Gingrey.

The congressman says this will be a major issue in the Fall campaign since it is so closely connected with our lackluster economy.

Gingrey also details what concerns him most of all about the Obama plan and he explains what Republicans want to put in place of Obamacare if it is ever repealed.

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