Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., is one of the most endangered incumbents in the 2012 cycle. On August 7, Republicans will choose a nominee from a very competitive field to run against her.

The leading GOP candidate at the moment appears to be Sarah Steelman, a former state senator and state treasurer. Steelman says it is clear the Obama agenda is not leading to greater job creation and she says Sen. McCaskill has joined Obama on every single legislative priority. Steelman rips Obama for once again demanding higher taxes on the wealthy and she says class
warfare is not what made America great.

“Obama and McCaskill like to use divisive identity politics,” Steelman told WND. “America wasn’t built on class warfare.”

Steelman strongly disagrees with the Supreme Court decision on the Obama health laws and she says McCaskill’s ongoing support for the law shows the senator has completely lost touch with her state. The GOP front-runner says she is the best nominee from her party because she is willing to fight for what’s needed and not be a go-along-to-get-along Republican.

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