The United States is bipolar, one nation with two warring souls, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Mr. Hyde is the nation of the lowest common denominator, the morally depraved and mentally squalid millions who make no positive contribution to society by example or works. They are determined to dismantle, desecrate or deface all that is wholesome, decent and time-tested to the good. They can be rich or poor, or of any race. They corrupt and degrade, as is their wont, all within their sphere.

Dr. Jekyll is the nation of the millions of aspirants, doers or thinkers who set positive examples for others. They admire the traditional values of work, study, family and helping others help themselves. They make positive contributions to society. They enrich and ennoble, in ways subtle or obvious, all within their sphere.

As with all great dramas told and retold over the long ages of man, America is a morality play. The stakes are high. As history shows, when unrestrained evil triumphs over good, the effects are catastrophic, savage and bloody on a scale most Americans cannot comprehend. As things stand, a future of horrors may be inevitable. The only way out, perhaps, is to divide the nation in two, separate the province of Hyde from the province of Jekyll.

G. Douglas

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