To all the gun-control folks: Gun control doesn’t work.

The theater was reportedly a “gun-free zone.” No one was permitted to carry any firearm inside the theater.

This was a detriment to the safety of the theater’s customers. There were several military personnel in the audience. Had they been armed, the shooting may have been short lived.

A similar situation occurred in Texas, some years back, in a restaurant. A shooter entered and opened fire. A woman, who was since elected to public office, had a gun in her car because the restaurant did not permit any guns inside the establishment. Both of her parents were killed, among other fatalities. She felt she could have taken down the shooter if she were armed.

My suggestion: If you enter an establishment, that forbids the carrying of guns, you may have entered a shooting gallery. An assassin can come into the establishment and start firing with impunity. Do not enter places such as these. Find another store, restaurant, etc., that values your ability to protect yourself.

England and Australia succumbed to the liberal folly of gun confiscation. Crime rates soared.

As sad and as painful as this shooting has been, we must not allow this to lead to more gun control in America. It just doesn’t work. The 20,000 laws on the books are enough

Donald Ereminas

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