[To Joseph Farah:] Your admittance that you were once a liberal radical that hated America like Obama takes a great deal of courage. But as I read your testimony, I kept thinking that our sovereign God allowed you for a season years ago to be what you were to prepare you for what you would become as a Christian journalist in fighting the evils of of a radical president now ruling over us.

There is a lot of truth in those that claim it takes a radical to fully understand another radical. Mr. Farah, God has raised you up for such a time that we now live in. What may have seemed like a coincidence to you when God allowed you to be the extreme radical that you were was all planned out before you were born. You are doing today exactly what God had been preparing you for many years ago.

Our sovereign God knew that one day it would take someone who would fully understand the way a radical progressive like Obama thinks and acts. Having walked the same path that Obama has walked makes you the ideal person to stand up to this usurper and exposed him for who and what he really is.

May you keep doing the work God has called you to do. Thank you so much for all that you and your staff have done in exposing the evils now encamped at the doorsteps of America.

L. Fields

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