The gun-control issue will be back on the front burner due to Aurora, Colo., murders. The left could not hop on the dead bodies soon enough to exploit the tragedy for political ends. The right, for the most part, went into the human-cost aspect of the murders.

The left exploited global warming. Now that the climate is heating up, the left is hiding somewhere comfortable on the money it made off global warming.

Climate change, aka global warming, is a function of nature, a cyclical occurrence. Man influences “quality of life” governed by use of petrol chemicals (fossil fuels), cigarettes and nuclear energy. Cows do also with their flatulation (methane gas), a big concern to the scientific community.

Do not listen to the left on the issue of gun control. Use common sense. The NRA is not without sin on this issue.

Yes, Americans have a right to bear arms.

No American is entitled to threaten or scare another with a gun.

No one with a criminal background or mental health issues should own or handle a firearm.

Yes, anyone seeking to own a firearm should be compelled to take a sensible course on firearm protocols.

No judge, police chief or politicians should obstruct ones legal application to “carry.” Punitive measures to restrain gun ownership should be stopped.

No one under 18 should own or carry a firearm. Taking courses and training with guns is OK.

Surplus military firearms in any form should be outlawed. Current provisions on gun configurations (barrel length) seem to be logical.

The amassing of large numbers of guns and ammunition is an indication a person requires counseling.

Except to dealers, no guns or ammunition should be sold via the mail.

Here you have it: sensible measures for “gun control.” Any takers?

Edmond Day


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