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Government death panels already here?

“Medical Murder,” a new documentary in the WND Superstore, makes the case that America’s health-care systems is fundamentally flawed from a spiritual perspective – even before the controversial “Obamacare” begins in earnest.

In fact, it suggests the modern medical establishment is rooted at its base with an occult spiritual goal – completely replacing the role of the church in the healing of souls.

The newest battleground, it says, is the area of the mind and the soul through psychiatry. More and more Americans are hooked on drugs being pushed by the medical industry for treatments of problems that go beyond chemical imbalances.

There’s an alternative path for people who are “depressed,” suggests “Medical Murder” – but biblical approaches to treatments are being discarded even by most Christians.

That’s just one of the great new products added to the WND Superstore this week.

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