High-powered Washington lobbyist, convicted felon, bestselling author – now Jack Abramoff can add “talk radio host” to his biography.

“The Jack Abramoff Show” airs on Sirius/XM every Sunday from 5-8 p.m. ET on “Talk Radio” – XM channel 168. Abramoff has vowed that he’s going to be America’s “most controversial radio host.” As the ultimate Beltway insider, he’s poised to bring the most unique perspective to talk radio since G. Gordon Liddy launched his show 20 years ago.

Rush Limbaugh

“Barack Obama hates this country” – those were Limbaugh’s blunt words after Obama’s shocking, off-the-cuff speech, in which he derided entrepreneurs and the American dream.

To Obama’s dubious point that it was the government, not private businessmen, who made the nation great, Rush cleverly shot back: “Now, a couple of interesting things about this. Let’s look at roads, for example. Which came first, the paved road or the car? Well, which necessitated which? I would submit to you that the car came along, and then the government (and all of the people that really made this thing work) built the roads.”

Hollywood and the mainstream media have an obsessive hatred of Limbaugh. Case in point: This week the lead character on HBO’s “The Newsroom” called Limbaugh “a liar” in an extended monologue. Rush fought back against the show’s cheap shots, pointing out that it was the show’s scriptwriters who were distorting the truth.

Michael Savage

Savage was so outraged by Obama’s “you didn’t get there on your own” speech that he called the current resident of the Oval Office the “most evil” president in American history.

Savage warned that Obama’s dictatorial designs were similar to those of diabolical historical figures like Pol Pot and Stalin.

“It starts with rhetoric like this,” Savage explained. “It unleashes the genie in the bottle. It justifies any acts of betrayal, any acts of hatred, any acts of sabotage against the successful.”

Michael Savage also pointedly reminded listeners that Obama hadn’t gotten where he is on his own, either.

“Somebody greased the skids for him, going back to grade school,” he stated. “What he’s doing is reflecting his own failures and his own insecurities” (FREE audio).

Aaron Klein

This week, radio host and WND reporter Aaron Klein made the Talk Stream Live “Power 50,” which ranks the most influential, widely listened to talk-radio shows streaming on the Web.

On his latest show, Klein debated a Democratic activist turned would-be politician, who “questions whether Jews and the U.S. government were behind the 9-11 attacks.” In a related segment, Klein exposed the radical Muslim ties of one sitting congressman, who has called for American public schools to adopt the madrassa model (FREE audio).

Mark Levin

When will the Romney-Obama debates begin? They can’t start soon enough for Mark Levin, who wants the Republican challenger to go head-to-head with the president. He’s convinced that Romney’s experience and expertise in the debate format will serve him well in any matchup with Obama (FREE audio).

Laura Ingraham

Mitt Romney’s chief strategist, Ed Gillespie, joined Laura Ingraham to talk about campaign tactics. Laura suggested that Romney hold a “Bain press conference” to get out the truth about the Republican candidate’s record.

Former candidate Newt Gingrich talked about his battle with Romney for the nomination and advised his former adversary to bring the same energy he showed in the primaries to the general election. Gingrich also called Obama “the most systematically dishonest president we’ve ever had” (FREE audio).

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck’s longtime on-air partner Pat Grey had a dramatic reaction to the president’s speech dismissing hard work and capitalism: He ran around the studio, screaming (FREE webcam).

And now, from the left side of the dial …

Practically everyone rolls their eyes when they hear the name “Roseanne Barr.” So why do liberals keep on bringing her onto their programs?

This week, the failed Green Party candidate and one-time comedy superstar was the guest of Tavis Smiley and Colonel West, two other unapologetic leftists. The show was as excruciating as one would expect (FREE video).

Predictably, Barr called Mitt Romney a “race baiter.” Neither host challenged her to present proof of this serious charge. Then again, that would have been too much to expect.

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