Legendary comic Jackie Mason panned the logic of Chief Justice John Roberts’ ruling on Obamacare during a radio interview today, saying the 2,700-page decision was so convoluted, it could have been written by Mason himself as material for a one-man Broadway show.

The funnyman further lampooned the health-care law itself, joking it could have been crafted by Groucho Marx, Jackie Gleason or Bob Hope.

Mason was speaking on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio on New York’s WABC Radio.

On Roberts’ ruling, Mason stated: “Everybody is trying to figure out what made these gyrations and this ridiculous logic. Where did he come to this conclusion? It sounds like I was writing his act. It is so convoluted and so ridiculous. Like I was preparing for a one-man show on Broadway. ”

Mason joked the “rest of the people on the court think [Roberts is] nuts.”

Continued Mason: “Did you see the Kennedy dissent?  It was written like he’s writing about a degenerate or a maniac. I never saw one justice call the other justice so many names. He started to characterize him like a guy who belongs in a sanitarium.”

On Robert’s seeming political flip-flop, Mason joked: “Before he was on the other side, he was considered the most conservative, now he’s considered the most liberal. Now all the sudden the liberals are celebrating him – thank God they found the messiah. And they want to make him a party every 10 minutes. It’s all of the sudden the biggest holiday for this man. They want to buy him a car, a building. They want to send a girl to his house every Thursday. They want to do anything he wants for the rest of his life.”

Mason took issue with Obamacare itself, stating, “I think this whole health-care bill and the way it sounds and the way it went through sounds like it was written by Groucho Marx.”

“And it sounds like the director of it was Jackie Gleason or Bob Hope. There’s not one part of it that makes any sense or any logic.”

The full interview can be heard below:

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