When the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Obama health plan last week,
opponents were left one realistic strategy for thwarting the full
implementation of the plan – the ballot box. Republicans will hold
another repeal vote in the House of Representatives next week, but it is
doomed to languish in the Senate and never reach President Obama who
would veto it anyway.

Rep. John Fleming, R-La., says the point of
that move is to reassure the American people that Republicans are not
done with this fight. Fleming explains why he believes the fight
against the law needs to continue and what needs to happen on Election
Day for opponents to have a chance at repeal.

“We have not wavered in any way. We will go forward at every opportunity at every juncture to repeal Obamacare, pull it out by its roots and end it forever,” Fleming told WND.

He also reacts to conservative arguments that there is a legislative “silver lining” to the recent Supreme Court decision.

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