Mr. Farah,

You are missing something hugely important with your decision to hold your nose and vote for Romney. This is precisely what the power brokers behind the scene want us to do! [“None of the above in 2012?”]

We are being “spoon fed” Romney. He will take our country down the path to ruin as sure as Barack Obama would. You’ve already admitted this. So why throw in the towel by voting for him? America cannot reverse course through capitulation. Capitulating is surrendering, plain and simple. It’s time to stand our ground and vote for neither, even if it means we risk getting a massive dose of Marxism. The sooner we take an unwavering stand upon righteousness the sooner we’ll receive the grace to endure the outcome for having done so – good or bad.

Our involvement in elections is not about political preference. It’s about obedience. Will we be the salty influence our country so desperately needs right now? Or will we withdraw once again, choose a lesser of two evils, and continue to be trampled on by the feet of men?

In the movie “Amistad,” trial lawyer Roger S. Baldwin said it best when he called upon former President John Adams to help him free a group of Africans treacherously sold into slavery. He said, “If ever there was a time for a man to cast aside his trappings and array himself for battle, that time has come.”

The time has come to array ourselves and take our place along the battle line. Come what may, we must not surrender our vote to an unworthy candidate, no matter what the media spin. Our vote is our approval. We reap the fruit of those we approve to govern us.

God help us to make our stand here and now. Voting “none of the above” may be the very spark which ignites a righteous fire that, God willing, will sweep our land.


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