It’s time we made a few changes in our fair country that would help get thing back on track again.

Number 1, no one should have the right to vote if he or she is not a taxpayer, and by that I mean if they do not pay income taxes. Those people are not contributors, so they don’t have a say in choosing a representative, a president or voting on any issues.

It’s time we limited our representatives to one term and absolutely no more than two terms. Being a representative wasn’t meant to be a lifetime career. Not having to worry about winning election after election would free them up to do what was best for our country instead of how many freebies they must promise their constituents to buy a vote.

A photo ID should be a must in order to enter a voting booth. It’s just another safeguard in proving you are who you say you are. Voter fraud is getting out of hand!

Barb Werner

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