Dear Mr. Farah,

Thank you for your column, “Benito Obama or Obamalini?,” as I have been taken by the Mussolini posturing of Barry Soetoro from Day One! The outward and upward thrust of the chin, the pause while “posing,” the (supposedly regal ) “down the nose” look at his subjects: It all serves to illustrate the outrageous sense of self-worth and importance this imposter holds of himself.

Personally, I do not think he is seeking a second term. I think he intends to be a Chavez, a Castro, and serve for life!

Therefore, I want to see him indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced to life – at the very least!

I fear our country will not survive Romney and the RINO wimps! What traitors, as they all refuse to honor their oaths of office.

Richard H. Irish

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