Obama is about to come down hard on Christians – very hard.

He is also going after guns. Few realize he is working actively with foreign countries that import firearms into this country to shut off the supply. Russia has all but decided to quit shipping here. With the popularity of firearms like the AK-47, the Tokarev and many others, this will shut down about 20 percent of the market for firearms. The result will be even more pressure on U.S. firms, who can’t keep up with demand, to have to expand their factories or increase the price. Which one do you think more likely to happen?

Now the clincher: China is America’s main – if almost only – supplier of gunpowder. Obama is working with Chinese to shut down the supply. Those who depend on stores for their ammo needs will be in deep trouble. Even those who reload will run out soon if they have not stocked up.

Meanwhile, the feds continue to work hard in ratcheting up racial tension in Anaheim. California is a tinderbox just waiting for a match. Gangs already run most cities there, and no mayor will publicly diss a gang. They are that powerful.

Think you’ve seen violence in Mexico? Wait a couple of years as the gangs migrate north in search of easy pickings. If the Mexican federales can’t beat these guys on their own turf, you really think the LAPD or sheriffs, with all their multicultural recruits, can?

Americans think safety lies in numbers when history is full of empires who fell because of the efforts of just a few. Ten dedicated Marxists are worth 10,000 ordinary citizens because ordinary people fear death; the terrorist does not. Cuba was seized by fewer than 100 men. The Incan empire fell to fewer than that. In Russia, card -carrying communists at no time ever exceeded 10 percent of the population. Do not underestimate the enemy.


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