The Labor Department reported Friday that 80,000 jobs were added to the
economy in June – well below already meager expectations. The overall
unemployment rate stayed at 8.2 percent.

Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, is chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, which closely studies the monthly jobs reports. Brady says the current trend shows job creation
getting even slower and Obama presiding over the most sluggish response
to a recession in several decades. He says the Obama health plan and
other regulations have business owners holding off on plans to hire,
grow and expand.

“President Obama is now officially the worst economic president in recovery since WWII,” Brady told WND.

Brady admits that Obama inherited a rough economy but
adds that he hasn’t made it any better in three-and-a-half years. The
chairman responds to Obama’s accusations that uncooperative House
Republicans are responsible for paltry jobs numbers and explains why he
thinks Mitt Romney would be a far better steward of the economy.

“We’ll finally have a president who understands the free-market system.”

Finally, Brady discusses the House-passed jobs bills that are gathering
dust in the Senate and outlines the stark choice facing voters in

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