If President Obama is re-elected, will he blame his second-term failures on the mess he inherited from his first term?

It’s not a hypothetical question. Obama’s second-term policies are already running “off Broadway” in Democrat-governed Maryland, Illinois and California. These second-term policies are the first-term failures on steroids, and they are failing, too.

Those states, and the large cities where Democrat mayors rule, are increasing taxes on the “rich,” suffocating business in a tsunami of regulations, permits and fees, declaring sanctuary for illegals, promoting food-stamp dependence, using SSI disability to supplement unemployment insurance and promising massive public work projects that cannot be funded.

Maryland and Illinois have repeatedly raised taxes on the rich only to see the number of “rich” tax filers decrease as the “rich” flee the state taking their businesses, investments and jobs with them.

California applies the top state income tax bracket (9.3 percent) to the filthy rich, defined as those greedy people making more than $47,900 per year.

Notwithstanding the current “fairness” of the California soak-the-rich income tax, Gov. Brown is campaigning for a yes vote on his tax increase proposal on the November ballot to make the rich pay an even fairer share.

The re-elect Obama media refuse to cover the agony of the California small-business owner who’s writhing like a butterfly pinned to a board with government, like a small boy, ready to pull the wings off.

In California, business must now reduce CO2 emissions. Cap-and-trade is California law now.

Utility companies must generate electricity using planet-friendly alternative sources of energy. But solar plants in the Mojave Desert have been opposed by environmentalists as destructive to the desert tortoise habitat. The enviros want everyone to buy an electric car but will oppose any method of generating the electricity to charge the batteries in those cars.

With Obama’s 2008 election, thousands of wannabe Obamas, lunatic leftists all, have poured out of academia, Soros-funded “think” tanks and publications like Mother Jones into every agency of government to inflict pain on the producers, the workers and the citizen to benefit the takers, the derelicts and the illegals.

Too many of these worthies are in public office in California.

California is a sanctuary state. Federal immigration law is not enforced by California law enforcement.

Illegals in California get free medical care, free schooling for their kids, housing assistance and welfare benefits, including free cell phones and free refrigerators.

Illegals vote, or have their vote cast for them, without fear of prosecution.

The amnesty Obama blatantly promised the “Dreamers” (and every illegal is now a “Dreamer”) in return for their votes is today’s reality in California.

California spends $6.67 billion on welfare, more than any other state. With about 12 percent of the U.S. population, California has 34 percent of all welfare recipients in the country.

Welfare spending in California amounts to $179 for every man, woman and child (and everyone in between) in the state compared to $17 in Idaho. About 4 percent of California residents receive welfare; about 0.2 percent of Idaho residents do.

Nationally, 31 percent of welfare is in cash grants, 69 percent non-cash services. In California, 56 percent is cash, 44 percent non-cash. California welfare recipients get cash grants for job training, and cash grants continue even in the unlikely event that they do get a job.

The maximum cash grant in California is $638 a month in addition to food stamps, cell phones, refrigerators, rent assistance, child care, public transit passes, etc.

The state paid $153 million last year for child care for welfare families. Unlike most states, in the unlikely event that parents lose their eligibility for this gravy train, their children (up to 18) still get the “free” cash and other goodies.

Todd Bland, the head of CalWORKS, California’s welfare program, is quoted as saying that the state is committed to a “safety net for children of parents who cannot or will not help themselves.” The California welfare bureaucracy is determined to protect its middle-class jobs by ensuring generation after generation dependent on welfare.

In Obama’s first term, he ignored Congress and ordered Clinton’s welfare reform, and specifically the work requirement, watered down. Attending dance class now qualifies as “searching for work” and validates continued welfare payments.

In California, welfare payments continue – job or no job, job search or no search.

Californians are living in Obama’s second term. These “second-term” policies are killing California. The result is permanent high unemployment, businesses fleeing the state, higher taxes, increased regulation, pothole-filled streets and decaying schools.

Only the November election stands between you and these second-term policies afflicting your state.

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