In old Rome, they said, “Qui tacit consentire.” Who is silent consents. There is an emerging plague of racially motivated black-on-white beatings and violent crime, green lighted by the silence of the president, media, politicians and even police. Obama, with his motley crew of leftist politicians and race racketeers, sits stony silent. Not one word of remonstration or rebuke. The mainstream media either repress the reporting of this rampant crime wave or eschew accurate reporting that tells it like it is. Who is silent consents.

The hypocrisy of the left is criminal. When statistically far rarer instances of white-on-black violence occur, hysterical leftist attack squads will call for federal intervention, new laws, or even lynching of the perps. However, they remain calmly mute during this current rising tide of racially motivated wildness in the streets.

Our radical leftist president and his aberrant party have come to thrive on race and class division as they oversee social and economic demolition. Radical leftists maniacally believe they will rule over an America after they have destroyed it. I’ve heard that demented viewpoint parroted by naive liberals at a few cocktail parties, and could not restrain my laughter. The liberals don’t comprehend what would happen to them in a real dictatorship, may God forbid it.

R. Grunwald

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