(The Blaze) Bill Maher’s tortured attempts at being funny have long since stopped being a source of entertainment for us at the Blaze, and have devolved into objects of pity. Still, Maher, who infamously has thrown every accusation of bigotry he can at the GOP while simultaneously calling harmless daughters of politicians he disagrees with “c**ts,” has to be given some credit for retaining his show while simultaneously behaving like Keith Olbermann without filters. It can’t be easy maintaining such a low level of quality while still retaining your own show.

Nevertheless, Maher has gone so far over the line recently that he’s begun catching flak from his own side. We can‘t say we’re surprised by this – being the less funny, less incisive, pay-per-view equivalent of Jon Stewart should have its problems. Unfortunately for Maher, one of those problems is his inability to talk about President Obama without invoking the very racist caricatures that he himself would slam Republicans for using. And at least one of Maher’s reference points, comedian Wayne Brady, is apparently sick of it.

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