Just how in jeopardy are your inalienable rights here in the good ol’ USA? Completely.

Over 90 Occupy anti-American groups are gathering in Washington, D.C., Wednesday to wreak havoc in the capital and desecrate the celebration of our nation’s birthday. And at the same time, One People’s Project, part of the violent, fascist Antifa movement, is urging occupiers to disrupt (and who knows what else) my appearance at the Independence Hall Tea Party in Philadelphia on July 4.

The Occupy headline called me an “Islamophobe,” illustrating the left’s close alliance with Islamic jihadists and supremacists. The leftist thugs warned that on July 4, “the fireworks may start before the sun goes down.” They called on their brownshirts to turn out in force to disrupt my event.

The left is growing increasingly thuggish and violent, bent on shutting down and shutting up freedom fighters. And there has been scarcely any discussion of this in the public sphere. We are relinquishing our most cherished freedoms, our unalienable rights, with nary a whimper. What is wrong with everyone? When Simon Deng, Nonie Darwish, Robert Spencer and I spoke recently at Temple University, they shouted, chanted, cursed and yelled, determined to silence and intimidate us. It reminded me of the storm troopers disrupting the classes of non-Nazi professors in 1930s Germany.

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The left is unhinged. The violent left is taking its job of Islamic law enforcer in America very seriously, doing the Muslim Brotherhood in America’s (CAIR’s) bidding. This is not about me. This is about the prohibition on truth. This is about non-Muslim leftists self-enforcing the blasphemy laws (“do not offend Islam“) under the Shariah – and in doing so, attempting to intimidate and bully freedom-loving Americans into being too afraid to resist Islamic supremacism. The leftist fascists mean to shut down any frank discussion on jihad.

This threat has meant that I needed to hire extra security for the event, as expensive as that was, and as scarce as my resources are (contrary to the left’s lies). I had to ask for Paypal donations to [email protected] from pro-freedom Americans. But I had to do it. I am determined not to let the destroyers, moochers, looters and haters ruin (yet again) a wonderful celebration of America.

Free speech is their No. 1 target. That means it is the No. 1 right that Americans must defend today. Free speech protects all speech, not just the ideas we like (that’s the easy part). It particularly protects those ideas we don’t like – because who would decide what ideas are good and acceptable and what ideas are forbidden?

Remember, as Heinrich Heine said, “Wherever they burn books they will also, in the end, burn human beings.” Trying to silence me is the same thing as burning a book: it is trying to make sure that information doesn’t get to Americans. But as David Ben Gurion said, “The test of democracy is freedom of criticism.” And Voltaire: “We have a natural right to make use of our pens as of our tongue, at our peril, risk and hazard.” Censorship is offensive. If we allow the left to forcibly silence opinions they don’t like, we are on the road to authoritarianism and tyranny.

Where is the right? They run the other way and disappear when the left moves to silence fierce voices of freedom. They cower before the left. Shameful.

Also, why don’t these leftist groups complain about the jihadists doing all the killing, oppressing, subjugation?

Instead, they kill the messenger – no pun intended. In Islam’s ongoing war on the truth, it’s not the hate that is reviled, it’s recognition of the hate. The Islamic supremacists don’t care when imams preach hatred and violence – only when anti-jihadists report on what they said does it become “hate speech.” And now Shariah blasphemy law is being enforced by their leftist allies under the guise of fighting against “hate speech.” The call to oppose “hate,” coming from violent brownshirt thugs, reminds me of “peace and equality” promised in the campaign posters of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers (Nazi) party.

But people increasingly know. The left’s thuggish tactics will ultimately backfire. Every day, more Americans are waking up. The new Nazis will not succeed.

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