(NEWS.CNET) — British journalist Guy Adams — the reporter for The Independent who became suddenly famous when Twitter banned his account at the request of NBC — is back in action.

Adams explained — via Twitter, of course — that he received an e-mail from Twitter saying, “We have just received an update from the complainant retracting their original request…” and that because of that his account has been “unsuspended.”

Yesterday, NBC admitted that it had asked Twitter to suspend Adam’s account. A report in today’s Daily Telegraph said that Twitter had alerted NBC to Adams’ tweets and then NBC filed the request to boot Adams. Either way, Twitter created a firestorm of sorts when it suspended Adams’ account after he tweeted the corporate e-mail address of NBC executive Gary Zenkel. Zenkel is president, NBC Olympics, and executive vice president of strategic partnerships for NBC Sports.

Read of more media shenanigans in Colin Flaherty’s column, “NPR does the impossible on gun control!”

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