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WASHINGTON – He defied the odds by beating back a gubernatorial recall election.

He’s become a darling of conservatives from coast to coast.

He’s even being talked about as a possible vice-presidential running mate for Mitt Romney.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the keynoter at the Americans for Prosperity “Defending the American Dream Summit” in Washington this week – an address that will be live-streamed by WND-TV, starting at 7 p.m. Eastern Friday.

Walker instantly became a national political star after assuming office last year by taking on public employee unions in an effort to balance the state’s budget. But unions from all over the country fought back by promoting a recall election of the 45-year-old governor. When Walker won the recall election June 5, his political star rose even higher.

Also speaking at this incredible two-hour event will be conservative superstars Michelle Malkin and Mark Levin, followed by the main attraction, Gov. Scott Walker.

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