Re: “Colorado theater called ‘gun-free’ zone”:

Why didn’t someone in the theater shoot the gunman?


Consider this: What if only half of the audience was carrying? How far do you think the killer would have gotten if only a few responded?

The killer would have had so many slugs in him they would have to use a forklift to pick him up and carry him out!

Further, consider this: What if those 50 percent had non-concealed weapons so that people could clearly see who was armed? Wouldn’t that be a powerful visual deterrent to consider before going on a rampage?

The killer didn’t want to die, obviously, or he wouldn’t have worn protection. Many might laugh at the suggestion, but if 80 to 90 percent of the people were making it a habit to strap on a visible carry when they left the home for any reason, including the work place, this country would become a very polite society. The gun is a great peacemaker for even the meek and mild mannered.

It’s too bad the laws of the land are becoming corrupt and in favor of the criminal instead of the law-abiding citizen. That must be changed to protect the gun owners and carriers!

Dan Spoonhour

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