On June 22, the Washington Times reported:

“The White House expressed disapproval Friday of photographs showing gay-rights activists, guests of President Obama, making obscene gestures at the portrait of President Reagan during a gay-pride reception at the White House last week.

“‘While the White House does not control the conduct of guests at receptions, we certainly expect that all attendees conduct themselves in a respectful manner,’ said White House spokesman Shin Inouye. ‘Most all do. These individuals clearly did not. Behavior like this doesn’t belong anywhere, least of all in the White House.'”

Think about that White House press office claim: “The White House does not control the conduct of guests at receptions.”

Then, ask the question: Would none of the Secret Service – plain-clothed and uniformed – and none of the large number of uniformed military personnel I remember in having attended Christmas White House press receptions from the Nixon through the second Bush administrations have taken any action?

Would none of the Secret Service or all these military aides have done anything at all if any White House guest had offered “The Finger” to President Obama – rather than to former President Reagan?

Answer: I can’t help but conclude that if any such hoodlum guest did that to President Obama, he (or she) would be instantly confronted and rapidly escorted out of the White House – if not arrested.

The Times also reported:

“Matthew ‘Matty’ Hart and Zoe Strauss, both from the Philadelphia area, posted photographs of themselves on Facebook giving the middle finger to Mr. Reagan’s official portrait hanging in the White House as they attended the party. …

“At the reception, Mr. Obama told the attendees that the day is approaching when gay citizens will enjoy full equality in America.

“‘We’ll get there because of every man and woman and activist and ally who is moving us forward by the force of their moral arguments, but more importantly, by the force of their example,’ Mr. Obama said.

“Mr. Hart didn’t return a call seeking comment, but he told Philadelphia magazine that he despises Mr. Reagan’s legacy.

“‘Yeah, f–k Reagan,’ Mr. Hart said. ‘Ronald Reagan has blood on his hands. The man was in the White House as AIDS exploded, and he was happy to see plenty of gay men and queer people die. He was a murderous fool, and I have no problem saying so. Don’t invite me back. I don’t care.’

“Mr. Hart is national director of public engagement at Solutions for Progress, which receives public and private funds to help ‘individuals and families working to overcome poverty and to build long-term financial stability,’ according to its website. Ms. Strauss is a photographer.”

One final question:

From that considerable number of homosexual activist organizations that issue so very many, many press releases, has anybody seen from these people any criticism of those sodomy lobby White House guests who posed for pictures while in the act of obscene gestures toward a deceased president of the United States?

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