He didn’t ask me for my advice – and I don’t expect he will – but I’m offering it anyway.

I have some strong ideas about the kind of vice-presidential candidate Mitt Romney should consider if he is serious about winning the election and setting up the party with a viable successor in 2016 or 2020.

Keep in mind, these are very practical suggestions. I’m being a political pragmatist here. If it were up to me to select the presidential nominee or vice-presidential nominee, I’d have a completely different list of personalities.

I’ll start with those:

1) Gen. Jerry Boykin: I don’t know why America isn’t clamoring to get a man like this in the White House. He’s genuine hero – a spiritual man of vision who loves America and would always do what’s right for the country. He would make us all proud to be Americans, again.

2) Rep. Allen West: He has many of the same attributes. He once said he would run through hell with gasoline cans to protect his soldiers. I’d follow him through hell carrying gasoline cans.

3) Sen. Jim DeMint: I don’t know why he didn’t run for president. But he’s as solid as any current officeholder in Washington.

4) Rep. Michele Bachmann: With a better campaign team, she might have won the nomination this year. She’s smart and uncompromising and inspiring.

But let’s be honest, Mitt Romney is not likely to pick any of these folks to be his running mate. He’s going to make a calculated decision based on what he considers to be political pragmatism. He’s going to talk to “his people” and get a consensus – a safe choice.

That leaves us with the question of whether there are safe, politically pragmatic choices that would be good for the country and for the future of the Republican Party.

I think the answer is yes.

Here are those suggestions – and I hope I don’t ruin their chances by endorsing them:

  • Gov. Scott Walker: What he accomplished in Wisconsin has made him a rising political star nationally. The Romney team would be crazy not to consider him.
  • Sen. Rand Paul: His selection would help solidify the conservative base – something Romney desperately needs to do – whether he realizes it or not.

Now let’s look at the numerous possibilities Romney should avoid at all costs:

  • Sen. Marco Rubio: His nomination kill any chance of restoring the constitutional standard for eligibility after four years of Barack Obama. Also, his view of immigration is not only out of step with his party, it’s completely out of step with American mainstream opinion.
  • Gov. Bobby Jindal: Another eligibility-challenged personality who is completely untested in the national limelight. Remember how he bombed in his rebuttal speech on live national TV?
  • Sen. Rob Portman: His selection would be a signal the Republican Party hasn’t learned anything about its critical base of support since 2008.
  • Gov. Chris Christie: If he is chosen, prepare for another four years of Barack Obama and the demise of America.

The vice-presidential selection is one of the most important decisions Romney will ever make. It will determine, to a great extent, whether he is able to dethrone Obama. It will determine, to a great extent, the future of the Republican Party for the next 10 years. It will determine, to a great extent, whether Romney has a clue about what needs to be done to turn the country around.

Pray he makes a good decision.


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