Considering the emotions and wounded souls involved, I find it somewhat uncomfortable remarking on the July 20 theater shootings in Aurora, Colo., which occurred within an hour’s drive from where I live. Obviously, the memories of those killed and the sensibilities of the injured and those who lost loved ones must be respected. While commentators and journalists of conscience have done so, within hours of the tragic event, the news coverage and politicizing of the shootings became as much of a story as James Holmes’ rampage itself.

If the current political and social tensions do wind up escalating into civil war, historians will consider our having already entered same. It is apparent that evil abounds, whether considered in the abstract or in the religious sense. This is evidenced not only by the proliferation of hatred and mayhem at home and abroad, but by the belief on the part of so many that it’s going to get worse – perhaps much worse – before it gets better.

Readers of this space will be aware of the scurrilous speculation made by members of the establishment press on July 20, attempting to draw a relationship between Holmes and elements of the political right, and the pervasive cries for further impingement of the Second Amendment on the part of far-left politicians and activists.

At this point, the gun-control arguments don’t even merit discussion; one’s energy will be far better put into voting those who drive these campaigns out of office. In short, the “gun-control debate” has been over for a long time; those who engage the political left in it are setting Second Amendment supporters up for defeat, because the lines of so-called “reason” used by gun-control advocates are emotionally riddled rabbit holes of illogic.

The reason supporters of the Second Amendment have become galvanized (and the reason firearms sales in Colorado are up 41 percent as I write this) despite the tragic loss of life in Aurora is because citizens are anticipating a response from the Obama administration that will attempt to use the July 20 shootings to further compromise Americans’ Second Amendment rights. They have seen the crimes against the Constitution perpetrated by this administration, as well as more such attacks on the horizon. They know there is a possibility that at some point in the not-too-distant future, citizens may say “enough,” and the government doesn’t want them to be able to back it up in the manner proscribed by the founders of this nation.

What really merits apprehension these days is not so much the political hay the Obama administration will try to make of the shooting spree in Colorado, but how much resistance it will meet – or won’t meet, as the case may be.

For years, we have seen self-proclaimed conservative politicians knuckle under to the political left in the wake of episodes they use to validate their agenda (such as high-profile violent crimes). A case in point was George H.W. Bush signing an assault weapons ban in 1989.

Sometimes Republican capitulation arises for no apparent reason at all. Recently, there have been instances that give rise to broader concerns among conservatives pertaining to GOP leaders. For example, in March of last year, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., agreed to a continuing resolution to keep the federal government funded that included money for the implementation of Obamacare. Such comportment on the part of supposed Obamacare opponents is unacceptable; considering the wholesale threat this odious law presents to liberty and the economy (just to name two), there should be no political compromise on the issue whatsoever. You don’t “compromise” with evil.

Then there is the excoriation and political pressure currently being faced by Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. Speaker Boehner, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and other Republican leaders have raked Bachmann over the proverbial coals over her joint inquiry into the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States government.

Let me be blunt: The Muslim Brotherhood represents a primitive, morally and culturally bankrupt cult (this being Islam) that has indeed insinuated itself into our government. More frightening, it has done so with the aid and countenance of those high in government, including President Barack Obama. The Muslim Brotherhood, along with socialists in the Obama administration, have many of the same objectives with regard to subverting the American system and compromising this nation on a variety of levels.

Rep. Bachmann is the only individual in Congress who has been willing to address this – and the highest-ranking GOP leaders intend to sanction her for it? This alone is treasonous behavior, and we’re seeing it in those to whom many conservatives look to stem the tide of global socialism in America. It gives rise to the fundamental question: Whose side are they on?

Just food for thought when we go to the polls in November. Let no one occupy a pedestal.

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