I agree with Dr. Dobson that Romney needs to address social and moral issues. Economics and morality go hand in hand; immorality is always expensive.

But I would like to go one step further in my advice to Mitt Romney.

Gov. Romney, you had better not lie to us. We are sick to death of the Republican candidates pandering to the Christian conservative voter, like the Dems pander to the minorities, only to turn around and stab us in the back. Bush did it. Several representatives and senators have done it. A couple of state governors have done it. You had better not do it. We are already skeptical about your fiscal policies, but we are excited about your VP. That choice had better not be a ploy. This ship does not need a small course change; it needs a hard right rudder going the opposite direction economically and morally. We are looking for a champion who is strong morally and fiscally. We can forgive an economic plan gone wrong, but we will not forgive lying and using us as tools. This is not baseball. You have one chance. Hit a home run, Sir.

Jeffrey Greeson

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