A well-known U.S. congressman is taking the No. 2 route when it comes to Barack Obama’s likability, claiming the president is feeding the nation a “cr-p sandwich” and “a load of you-know-what.”

The comments from Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., came Saturday during an appearance on Fox News with Neil Cavuto and can be seen near the two-minute mark in the above clip.

“The thing that bedevils this [Republican presidential] ticket, for good or ill, is its proverbial likability,” Cavuto noted. “We hear a good deal made of that. I often think too much. But it must explain why the president is even despite all these economic concerns and worries you raise, because on that score, Americans favor him, polls indicate 2-to-1, as the more likable guy. Does Mitt Romney have to make a case on that front next week?”

“Of course he does. I think that it’s very important that he introduces himself to America and he defines himself,” West said. “But let’s be very honest and let’s put this in military vernacular, if you’re feeding a person a cr-p sandwich with a smile, it’s still a cr-p sandwich.

“That’s what you see coming from President Obama. He’s fed America just a load of you-know-what, and it has not done anything for this country [other] than increasing our unemployment, increasing Americans in poverty, increasing the food-stamp rolls, and we’re heading in the wrong direction.

“When you look at a budget that he produces that talks about a balanced approach, raising $1.9 trillion in new taxes but it never balances. As a matter of fact, all it goes to is 53 percent growth of the federal government. So I think it is very important that we win the image war. There is no doubt about that. The personality, the persona, you have to define yourself, but you also have to stay on message, on track, because the American people are suffering under these economic policies.”

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