Obama seemed like the nicest guy when he came to office. We all felt that he would shake this cruel world by its scuff and make this planet a more peaceful place. The countries would purr with good neighborliness.

Obama was very global and multicultural. He would stop warfare and generate communal feeling. He told us that the states would no longer be painted red or blue. Division would turn to a haven of cohesion. Obama would bring us together.

However, as soon as he took over he rammed our superiority into an ostrich hole. He announced that he was following in the tradition of Reagan, but he ditched to the opposite direction and stripped our military instead of strengthened it. While Reagan convinced Gorbachev to tear down that wall by his appearance of strength, Obama encourages the Middle East to implode by his failure to strengthen our armed forces. We are weak. We are ready for the picking. Nice work, Obama.

Afghanistan has become a mess. Iran is nuking up for an attack on Israel. Syria is murdering its own people, and Russia and China are threatening a weakened America that we should not interfere.

Japan and China are at loggerheads in their waters and neither is afraid of America’s interference. Obama has conceded our power to the U.N. in the naïve view that united is better than fragmented division.

Russia and China are building their militaries while Obama is worrying about highways and schools. He is setting us up for the kill while he convinces himself that he is improving civilization. Obama has weakened us, and no other countries are afraid. Does he plan to teach our little students gender studies while foreigners shoot them up against a wall like the Muslims did in Belsan?

Obama is a liberal and hence thinks it is beneath him to worry about self-protection. He is a good person who only thinks about education and health care. I wonder what foxhole we will be reading our books in while the other countries blow us to smithereens. Obama is the most dangerous leader we have ever had. If he is the kind of idealistic fool that comes out of Harvard, then I think Harvard should lose its matriculation as a university as our country has lost its leadership ability.

Everything that would weaken our country Obama favors. He is against torture for information; he is reducing our armed forces and our nuclear arsenal; he is more interested in union salaries than corporate success; he is looking for ways to loosen up immigration and to weaken our borders; he is applauding same-sex marriage, which runs contrary to reproduction and the heterosexual love gestalt; he is bankrupting our country by his wild entitlement spending – this could lead to wild inflation and revolution; and he is always apologizing for America as if to convince our enemies that we are not exceptional and that our powerful days are over.

Nice guy, Obama. But not so nice when he takes the greatest country in the world and turns it into a rape victim for its enemies. Goodbye, Obama. When you lose the presidency you can become the first millionaire community organizer. You can’t come up with a budget for the country; maybe you can organize voter fraud for your old company – ACORN.

David Lawrence

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