(FILM INDUSTRY NETWORK) — It’s official: Chuck Norris reaches the number 1 spot in online search against his ‘Expendables 2′ rivals with more than 5 million monthly searches.

Although they are some of the biggest action heroes of a generation; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Dolph Lundgren are no match for Chuck’s popularity in 2012.

If you’ve heard of ‘Chuck Norris Facts’ then you’ll know that his ‘superhuman abilities’ have a cult following online. Norris is the star of ‘Walker Texas Ranger’, one of the most unrealistic TV series ever made. It also happens to be highly entertaining and quotable, one of the reasons his online fame is so big. Besides his career in TV, some of his classic films in the 80s include : ‘The Delta Force’, ‘Lone Wolf McQuade and ‘Missing in Action’.

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