WASHINGTON – Times are tough – and no one has money to throw around these days.

With that in mind, the WND Superstore is answering the call for bargains on great products you need to stay informed, be a change agent for good and keep some money in your pocket.

Months ago, the WND Superstore created its 99 cent store, offering overstocked products including books, DVDs, bumper stickers, special reports and more for less than you’d pay at one of those dollar store. Because of the phenomenal response – tens of thousands of products sold – WND management is taking the next logical step with the creation of the $5.99 department.

It’s teeming with more than 60 bargains on products that are slightly less overstocked than the 99 cent store – so supplies are limited. But, every day, new products are offered and others are removed – helping us to keep our warehouse from overflowing, while giving the public some real bargains.

And remember, $5.99 is the top price in this department, with many items priced as low as 99 cents.

Here are just some of the incredible deals you’ll find there:

  • Joseph Farah’s story of the new media revolution “Stop the Presses!,” an autobiographical look at how the media changed from his days running newspapers through the birth of the first independent online news agency.
  • Ray Comfort’s “You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think,” which tackles a controversial topic in his inimitable and humorous fashion, but also gives tips on evangelizing the lost.
  • Reb Bradley’s “Born Liberal, Raised Right,” a classic of how proper child-rearing can prevent your kids from growing up wrong.
  • “Religion of Peace: Islam’s War With the World” is a book that puts the lie to the cliché that Muslims all over the world behave no differently than those faithful to other religions.
  • “Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America’s Border” By Jim Gilchrist and Jerome Corsi is one of the best books laying out the problems with America’s open border policy and providing common-sense solutions.
  • Aaron Klein’s New York Times bestseller “Manchurian President” – still one of the most explosive investigative looks into the true identity of Barack Hussein Obama.
  • “Burning Down ‘The Shack'” by James DeYoung offers a critical analysis of the No. 1 bestselling book among Christians in recent years – by a scholar who knew the author well and counseled against publishing a heretical novel.
  • “I’ve Always Been a Yankee Fan” – a book loaded with amazing quotes from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • “Gadfly: The Life and Times of Les Kinsolving, White House Watchdog.” You saw him recently go toe to toe with Jay Carney. Now you can learn what it takes to be a real reporter.
  • “Climategate” – the book by Brian Sussman that blew the lid off the greats hoax in the history of mankind.
  • “Global Deception: The U.N.’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom.”
  • “O God: A Dialogue on Truth and Oprah’s Spirituality” by Josh McDowell.
  • Judge Roy Moore’s classic “So Help Me God” – the story of the Ten Commandments judge.
  • “The Return of the Great Depression” by Vox Day.
  • “How Obama Can Be Defeated” by Jerome Corsi and Brad O’Leary.
  • You can even read for yourself Barack Obama’s own “The Audacity of Hope” at this bargain price.

But it’s not just books for sale in this department – and $5.99 is the top price. There are e-books, great back issues of Whistleblower magazine to sample, bumper stickers to express yourself.

You won’t find a thing on sale in this department priced above $5.99 – and you’ll find many items priced at less than a dollar.

So check it out for yourself. Browse. Shop with peace of mind. Load up on great gifts for others. And keep the change!

Shop the $5.99 or Below Department of the WND Superstore now!

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