(PALM BEACH POST) — It’s a high tech idea whose time has — or may sometime soon — come.

Palm Beach County schools officials are considering a proposal that would have the more than 60,000 students who ride a big yellow bus to school each day giving their fingerprints on an electronic key pad to get on the bus.

In a July 9 message on his department’s blog, School District Chief of Support Operations Joe Sanches told principals that based on their responses in a recent anonymous survey on the use of biometrics in schools “we will seek Board approval to pursue a pilot use on school buses.”

Simply put, biometrics is the use of a person’s unique biological characteristics — most typically their fingerprint — to identify them. For years now, school districts around the nation have used electronic fingerprint scanners to keep track of which child gets on which school bus and which child checks out which book from school media centers, and to allow children to access their lunch accounts in cafeterias.

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